YBO Consultancy - Our Beliefs, Aims & Goals




Our Beliefs


YBO Consultancy has been set by a young and energetic group of people from the Yampu Village in the Kompiam/Ambum District, Enga Province, Papua New Guinea. As every organization has its own set of defined set of principles, aims and goals, the core factor that drives YBO Consultancy is the need for community awareness and participation towards a better informed future. As Engans, we have set cultures and traditions, passed down from our forefathers. While a few are against Christian principles and values and other norms of the present society, most continue to remain the underlying or rather the missing links in today’s ever-increasing generation of young people lacking identity and strong foundation in values and norms.


YBO Consultancy believes in the following set of principles:


*      We believe that the young people of our community are the future of our tomorrow.


*      Shaping up the young towards a more well-informed and productive generation means shaping up the future of our communities.

*      We believe in preserving our ancient traditions, cultures and the norms by way of active participation through research and investigation.


*      We believe that by involving the youth of our community in active research and investigation of our own cultures and tradition not only preserves our cultures but it enlightens our understanding and thus, an appreciation of our history.


*      Throughout PNG, there is what we call an ‘identity crisis’. Our country has been one of the only few in the world that has entered the sophisticated twenty-first century of high tech and information technology from a purely traditional lifestyle. The rapid changes in beliefs and norms, social behavior and the formation of an ever increasing and ever changing set of ‘values’ seems to drive today’s youth towards a baseless and saggy generation.


*      Young people are confused as to whether they should be living by the norms and values of our ancient fast or by the current rules of the game, which is mostly a hybrid culture of both the past and the present. YBO Consultancy therefore aims to establish a clear guideline and understanding in embracing change in values and norms with a more positive attitude. We would like to encourage the youth of today to appreciate change, by firstly establishing them firmly in the knowledge of our ancient norms and traditions, and to conquer meaningfully and purposefully what the 21st century has to offer.


*      We believe that by studying and understanding social and cultural change at a village and community level helps communities to be well-informed towards embracing change and appreciating new developments towards a more global community.


*      PNG at present does not have any organization that is seriously studying the impacts of social change. Most of our law and order problems, our education and economic plans are addressed without serious thought into the core principles that govern our society today. Our solutions should be driven by understanding the changes in society; by predicting the likely outcome of our input not only in monetary and economic terms but most of all in terms of cultural and behavioral change.


*      YBO Consultancy believes that social engineering is the key to solving social, economic, religious, political and cultural problems. By educating the youth of today with the right knowledge means we are shaping up society towards the tomorrow we want. Thus, the tomorrow we want for our communities and our country is the driving factor that helps motivates us to invest our resources towards that goal. YBO Consultancy believes in that and that’s what we do!


YBO Consultancy believes that we can we can market the vast tourism resources of our country by a more effective way and that is by offering in-depth information about our cultures and tradition. We can attract the rest of the world to embrace us not only in our colorful landscapes and rich flora and fauna but also of our untapped ancient past.


Our Aims & Goals


Society finds meaning and reason in the environment we live in. Its the environment, whether it be the physical, conceptual or just the notional factor that defines our lives and gives meaning to our existence. Thus, in order for an abstract concept or a being to be born, it has to have an origin; whether as a site-effect, or as a solution, or a completely independent and new entity altogether. Its existence is therefore justified by a set of beliefs and goals that qualifies its existence; its origin, purpose and destiny.


YBO Consultancy believes in itself as a rare organization of its kind, with a noble origin, purpose and destiny. Over time, YBO Consultancy will prove to be one of the most successful organizations addressing the very issues of youth, law & order, village-level global economy, and many more. We plan to win the hearts of many Papua New Guineans. We just don’t want to be an organization that exists; we want to be someone that feels and responds to the needs of the people.

YBO Consultancy aims to be one of the key organizations in Enga Province and in Papua New Guinea as a whole in providing valuable primary information regarding Enga’s Ancient Past. We also aim to be the best in conducting studies in social change in various factors, particularly those affecting the youth.


We aim to encourage the participation of youth in business and entrepreneurship, contributing meaningfully to our communities. We want to assist small businesses to expand and grow in their industries by offering basic accounting and business management techniques.


We want to expose Enga’s and PNG’s small businesses and their products and give them a place on the world wide web if they have the potential or the products that can attract the international market.


We want to help today’s generation to look at life with purpose and destiny; to focus with result-driven motives and to achieve their goals and to help make their dreams come true. We want to simply help shape lives to be better.


We want to work closely with the government and other non-profit organizations in any of the above areas that would help shape the livelihood of people to be better off than they are today.


Our long-term goals are:


*      Create a database of written documentaries, papers, articles and books that tell all about the people of Enga and their ancient past.


*      To graduate young people of our community, well-versed in the cultures, norms, beliefs, traditions, myths, legends, sayings, and the songs of our ancient past.


*      To engage in constructive social research for presenting viable solutions to governments, non-government organizations and national and international seminars.


*      To give the youth of our community a sure footing in embracing change positively and purposely for the better.


*      To encourage self-employment and entrepreneurship among the youth


*      To promote economic development at the village level by encouraging self-starters and small businesses


*      To organize and carry out awareness campaigns regarding social, political, economical, and religious issues affecting our communities, province, country and the world.


*      To encourage current students from our area and the rest of Enga to actively participate in learning and appreciating their history, and to involve in actual research work that coincides with the aims of YBO Consultancy and their subject areas.


*      We would like to extend and expand similar branches in the various provinces who are willing to preserve and promote their ancient past through proper research and documentation.