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*                  Building simple web-sites for small businesses, individuals & orgs.


YBO Consultancy offers services to PNG-owned businesses, individuals and organizations the chance to publish themselves on the internet. Whether you want to have your own domain or not, we can still find space for you on the world wide web. We have graduate and current computer science and commercial computing students who can design simple, yet classic sites for you.


Our main aim is to help and promote fellow PNGans to be exposed to the outside world. If you are currently selling or planning to sell products to overseas markets, you can find no better place to advertise than the internet. Your business could be anything like a tourist resort, tour operator, vanilla producer, artifact dealer, etc. Contact us today and we’ll set you on the path overseas!


*                  Overseas individuals, organizations, companies and businesses wanting to form business partnerships with Papua New Guineans.


We are actively involved in overseas entities wanting to set up partnership businesses or agents with national small businesses or individuals. If you would like to invest in PNG and would like to find just the right kind of partner you want, we can do it for you.


Simply contact us today and tell us what you require and we’ll make the arrangements for you. This is not a scam site. Only genuine enquiries should be made as we are looking towards attracting potential investment partners.


*                  Service & Consultancy in Business Name Registrations, Business Group Incorporation, Land Group Incorporation, Association and Society Registrations.


We also provide assistance to those seeking to register Business Names, Incorporating Business Groups, Land Group Incorporation, Associations and Societies. We only provide advice on company registrations as only registered lawyers are required by law to register company names and incorporate companies. If you need more information and assistance, simply contact us first. We will advise you as to which is the best type of business you can register for.




*                  Research & Consultancy In Mine Closure/Mine & Community Agreements/ Community Development Ventures


YBO Consultancy also carries out formal research in mining areas and affected communities in providing data for mine continuation, mine closure, and mine community development agreements. We carry out social, cultural and economic effects of impact development ventures such as mining, fisheries, agriculture and tourism.


*                  Free-lance writing


YBO Consultancy has members and partners who are free-lance writers for media and major newspapers. Contact us today if you would like us to write on any subject matter of your interest.


Other services also include:


*                  Personalized, informal introductory and intermediate training in computers for all Microsoft Applications up to Windows XP, Network Management, Email and Internet.


*                  Counseling and Advice for Positive Living & Behavioral Change


*                  Counseling and Advice for Personal Success & Advancement


*                  Service & Consultancy in Accounting & Business solutions for small businesses and self-starters


*                  Research & Consultancy in Workplace Psychology & Employee/Employer Relations.


YBO Consultancy provides the above services at very low costs. Our main focus is assisting small businesses and individuals to progress and prosper and thus, our services are genuine and personalized to your specific requirements and needs. We believe in building up our country by cooperatively and collectively contributing positively towards one another for the better.


Contact us today and talk to any of the YBO Consultancy partners to help you out.

…………………………….for a better PNG!............................