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YBO Consultancy - Bringing Enga Magic to your doorsteps!..




Research & Consultancy in Enga’s Prehistory, Cultures, Norms, Traditions, Myths, Legends, Songs, Sayings, Parables, Prehistoric Sites, Changing Society, Enga Politics, Tribal Warfare, and many more!..

Free-lance writing, social/cultural research, workplace psychology, mining and landowner issues…and more…


Our Identity


YBO – Stands for Yampu Brothers Organisation

A Research-based organisation, composed of various interesting people

We have vast experience and knowledge of the people of Enga.

We promote our identity as Engans – as a unique people

We provide first-hand, quality, and primary research information.

We are locally based, yet internationally focused





Our Origin/Composition



We have a dedicated team of researchers in various parts of Enga

Some are also located all over PNG & and a few overseas

Our home village is Yampu, Kombiam/Ambum District, Enga

Some are mostly student members in various institutions

A few are highly qualified academics in PNG as well as overseas

A few are qualified phycologists, economists & accountants

Some are professional teachers & youth coordinators in Enga.




Our Services



Research & Consultancy in prehistoric culture, customs and traditions of Enga


Research & Investigation of significant prehistoric sites with mythical/legendary connections


Research in traditional myths, legends, songs & sayings of Enga


Special Research & Investigation into Enga Tribal Warfare


Special Research & Investigation into Enga Politics


Special Research & Investigation in cultural & social changes of Enga







Other Services




Building simple web-sites for small businesses & orgs.


Service & Consultancy in Business Name Registrations, Business Group Incorporation, Land Group Incorporation, Association and Society Registrations.


Overseas Business Partnership Arrangements


Research & Consultancy in Workplace Psychology/Employee/ Employer Relations


Consultancy & Research In Mine Closure/Mine & Community Agreements/ Community Development Ventures


Free-lance writing


Service & Consultancy in Accounting solutions for small businesses and self-starters


Personalised, informal introductory and intermediate training in computers for all Microsoft Applications up to Windows XP


Counselling and Advice for Positive Living & Behavioural Change


Counselling and Advice for Personal Success & Advancement


Carrying out extensive and specialised awareness campaigns



The famous Ambum Stone


One of Enga’s Popular Orchids

An Engan Warrior & Villagers by a roadside


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What’s New & Latest!

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Our Contact Address:


YBO Consultancy

P O Box 480


Western Province

Papua New Guinea


Phone: +675 548 3281

Fax: +675 548 9314


Emails: yboconslt@yahoo.com

& Nicholas.Wakan@oktedi.com


Mr. Peter Kanaporo is one of the co-founders and senior members in our consultancy. You can contact him on:


YBO Consultancy

C-/ Peter Balone Kanaparo

University Of

Papua New Guinea

P O Box 419

Uni Post Office

Port Moresby

Papua New Guinea

Phone: (675) 3267 303 / 306

Fax: (675) 326 7411


Email: kanaparo@yahoo.com


An Engan Traditional House




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